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ICA Management Consulting
Strategy Development For Medium Scale Enterprises
  Service Profile What ICA Offers
Strategy Development For Medium Scale Enterprises "99% of jobs are performed by 99% of employees. Often they do not have “Process View”.
ICA Management Consulting Defining and refining the Vision &Mission Statement. Developing ownership down the line.
ICA Management Consulting SWOT ANALYSIS & CLIMATE SURVEY Based on SWOT Analysis design/develop steps to counter the weakness and threats (Strategy)
ICA Management Consulting Facilitate Master plan with specific  roles and responsibilities and agreed targets.
ICA Management Consulting Monitoring and pinpoint the deviations.
They are unaware of significance of activities on future course of Challenges. A road map where conclusively company wants to go and counter the potential challenge is reflected in Strategy.
The key to success of strategy is its practicality, ease in understanding and inbuilt mechanism to adaptability to potential changes potential changes.
Structuring The Employee Assignments
  Service Profile What ICA Offers
Structuring Employee Assignments “Employees accept only that system which either reduces their work load or work tensions”
ICA Management Consulting Identifying the critical positions in organization.
ICA Management Consulting Studying their job assignments & understanding their clarity, performance and workloads.
ICA Management Consulting Developing “SOPs” as per ICA Unique  methodology-SOP”
Traditionally it has been observed about 70% of activities in job assignment are non-“Value added activities”. Further the Work instructions /SOPs take care of what one has to do in normal condition(which one is doing for many years .But he is not told what to do in unexpected situations.”Structuring the employee assignment” is an exercise to rationalize the assignment.
Methods for indirect branding
  Service Profile What ICA Offers
Methods for indirect branding "Basically branding is an exercise to register the confidence in clients for defined and declared features of product and services.”
ICA Management Consulting Facilitating in identifying such certifications and awards.
ICA Management Consulting Work out possibility to challenge such awards, in terms of cost, time and other resources.
ICA Management Consulting Helps and facilitates as turnkey projects to challenge such awards / certifications.
This “confidence built up leads to purchase the product. However the advertising is very costly and for 99.9% of entrepreneurs it is beyond reach. However certain certifications and awards by third parties build up the client confidence. ICA helps the organizations in identifying and challenging such certifications and awards.
Institutionalizing The Training For Management Development
  Service Profile What ICA Offers
Institutionalizing The Training For Management Development “Every trade and job profile is unique as is geographical location of an organization. Ready to use training modules Often fails to translate in to desired performance”
ICA Management Consulting Studying the training requirements.
ICA Management Consulting Classify &rate the employees at all level for skill and knowledge.
ICA Management Consulting Develop curricula for training
ICA Management Consulting Develop facilitators
ICA Management Consulting Provide Specific training for Specific requirement (123 training modules)
ICA training expertise coupled with tailor-made modules as per need of organization guarantees shift in employee attitude, skills and knowledge
Methods To Increase Productivity & Eliminating Waste / Losses
  Service Profile What ICA Offers
Methods To Increase Productivity “ Waste is deviation from actual requirement and key factor affecting the productivity. ”
ICA Management Consulting Facilitating in classification of losses with respect to Equipments, man, energy and Material.
ICA Management Consulting Identify and quantify the losses, creating awareness for losses, setting targets, and developing Master Plan.
ICA Management Consulting Establishes relationship of losses with efficiency.
ICA takes up proactive role in classifying, Identifying, targeting, developing master plan for the Existing Losses in the :
  • Plant
  • Commercial departments
Safety & Environment Audits
  Service Profile What ICA Offers
Satety Audits “ Concern and remedial actions is no more luxury for any corporation, it is in present scenario a compulsion for survival like “profits ”
ICA Management Consulting Assessing present level of safety and environment preparedness.
ICA Management Consulting Zonalising the organization in Red, yellow and green zones.
ICA Management Consulting 5-s training and developing Master plan.
ICA Management Consulting Implementation of 5-S in some model areas.
ICA Management Consulting Involving the work force in identifying “Near Miss Situations”
ICA Management Consulting Proactively preparing road map for health of employees.
“The efforts for productivity / profitability have to intertwine with safety and sustainable environment. Both the issues cannot be addressed by experts trained in auditing and exerting controls”.
ICA With in-depth expertise for production, maintenance, commercial departments deploys a methodology with difference! The methodology is proactive in approach, ensures involvement of employees at all level.
The well laid down mechanism in methodology is dynamic and takes care for continual “Obsolescing & innovating.
Employee Performance Appraisals
  Service Profile What ICA Offers
ICA Management Consulting “ The only asset which appreciates in term of value over period of time is employee ”
ICA Management Consulting ICA Offers Training programs for:
  • PMS
ICA Management Consulting The training programs are developed as per individual organization requirement, and workshops are conducted so as participants can “autonomously” implement the systems.
In today’s industrial scenario the biggest challenge for management is retaining the employees.
It is a myth that majority of employees change the jobs due to improved “pay package “offered to them by employers.
This may be important factor contributing to “job hopping”, but another reason is employee change jobs because they don’t have clarity to their job profile, targets, and appreciation for efforts made in attaining success and up to large extent failures.
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